The Young Ealing Foundation was established in 2017 as part of a wider network of Young People’s Foundations.

Developed in response to the ongoing challenges facing the Children and Young People’s sector, Young People’s Foundations bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people.

Based in their local communities, each Young Peoples Foundation’s services are led by their members and based on the needs and assets of their area. Together they share a common goal – to help create and champion a more impactful, coordinated and sustainable sector to ensure all young people have access to quality support and opportunities.

The Young Ealing Foundation

Our Vision is to ensure all young people in Ealing can access the opportunities and support they need to grow up and lead happy and safe lives, fulfill their potential and become a valued and listened to part of the local community.

Our Mission is to work with our members, partners and supporters to encourage, enable and support sustainable, high quality service provision for children and young people, focusing on key areas including funding, capacity building and partnerships.

Our Objectives:

➢Become  an integral part of the local community

➢Promote the voice of young people and the organisations that serve them

➢Build capacity

➢Increase and improve cohesion and partnership working

➢Improve the funding outlook for members