Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Checks FAQs

Q: What is a DBS check?

A: A DBS check (formally CRB check) is a record of a person’s criminal convictions and cautions carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Q: Can YEF process DBS checks for us? 

A: Unfortunately we cannot process DBS checks for any other organisations.

Q: What is the right DBS check service for me?

A: It depends on how many DBS checks you are going to process in a year.

There are a number of umbrella bodies that can do it on your behalf, however these are nearly all online which may pose difficult for anyone who is not au fait with computers. They also charge an admin fee for doing the check. Additionally, once you have completed the details, you may need to visit the umbrella body in person to prove your identity.

Q: Where can i find a list of DBS umbrella bodies?

A: Here is a list of all DBS umbrella bodies.

Q: What if we are going to process more than 100 DBS’s per year?

A: If your organisation is going to process more than 100 DBS’s per year, the organisation can apply to become a DBS umbrella body. This is subject to a fee.

Q: Who do YEF use to process their DBS’s?

A: We use UCheck, an umbrella body, and have an HR license to carry out our own checks for volunteers and employees.  This is worth having if your organisation carries out several checks per year, but you need to have a person who can manage the paperwork. There is not much paperwork per application, however it is a serious responsibility. This option also limits the possibility of the person having to visit the umbrella body, as the organisation processes the information and verifies any documentation themselves.