What is the Charity Excellence Framework?

The Charity Excellence Framework is a FREE, very easy to use online toolkit which consists of eight questionnaires that enable you to increase your impact, financial resources and performance in every area of activity.

How would the Charity Excellence Framework benefit my organisation?

The framework could benefit your organisation in a number of ways:

  1. Improve impact and performance, in every area, and save time with its 4000+ resource links to easy to use guidance, policies, templates, toolkits and other resources.
  2. Improve income; identify opportunities and new sources of funding; including dozens of free funding finders and trusts that fund core costs.
  3. The Quality Mark and dashboard assurance table demonstrate your commitment to excellence and provide data for bids and reports, on key funder and stakeholder issues.
  4. Save money by maximising tax reliefs, accessing 200+ organisations providing free goods/services, and using funding as efficiently, as possible.

Is it difficult to use?

It’s very quick and easy to use – no expertise required, 2 mins to set-up, 30 mins each questionnaire, with an interactive dashboard – from here, it’s 2 clicks to everything.

What type of charities can use it?

It works for any charity by creating a unique set of questionnaires that meet your specific needs and priorities.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free – Register Now