Our five key objectives dictate the services
we provide to members.

Become an integral part of the local community

by building our membership, our local knowledge and our own capacity in line with the needs of our members, partners and supporters.

✔ Establish our on and off-line presence in the area by launching our strategy, our website and continuing to attend relevant sector focused events

✔ Increase our membership to ensure we are reaching as many of Ealing’s children and young people’s organisations as we can

✔ Build partnerships and establish relationships with potential partners and supporters from across the voluntary, private and statutory sectors

✔ Talk to our members, partners and supporters on a regular basis, gaining their feedback to inform our own development and growth

✔ Secure the funding needed for our own sustainability and capacity building, including the recruitment of additional staff resources to provide funding, marketing and community development related support

Promote the voice of young people and the organisations that serve them

by raising awareness of local issues, ensuring the voices of young people and the organisations that support them are heard, listened to and used to inform future decision making.

✔ Maintain an in-depth knowledge of the borough, its residents and their needs

✔ Develop and co-ordinate a youth council to ensure the views of local young people are being heard

✔ Gather and disseminate important and relevant information to our members, partners and supporters to help raise awareness of local issues, opportunities and progress

✔ Provide a cohesive and powerful voice for the local children and young people’s sector to help inform strategy development and funding decisions

Build capacity

by supporting and strengthening local children’s and young people’s organisations by improving their skills, widening their knowledge and developing better quality youth provision

✔ Provide workshops and training according to our members based on their needs including support around governance, strategic planning and fundraising

✔ Establish a simple and effective way for our members to demonstrate impact

✔ Design and implement a CRM system to help identify issues and signpost organisations on to relevant support

✔ Provide one to one support to discuss individual needs and develop appropriate tailored support

✔ Build a venue bank to help members identify suitable and affordable meeting places for their projects and activities

Increase and improve cohesion and partnership working

by supporting our members, partners and supporters to work together to create more effective, sustainable solutions, reduce duplication and take advantage of new opportunities

✔ Provide regular networking events and themed meetings

✔ Develop a searchable database of members to increase awareness of existing services

✔ To lead on local partnership development

✔ Provide access to additional support from organisations like London Youth and Street Games where appropriate

Improve the funding outlook for members

by supporting partnership bids, providing fundraising support and developing our own grant programmes to increase the amount of funding coming into the borough and improve the effectiveness of how it is used

✔ Facilitate and administer local grant programmes e.g. Sports and Physical Activity Grants, Supplementary Schools’ grant and YEF’s own grant programmes where funding allows

✔ Lead or facilitate larger partnership and collaborative bids to funders, enabling smaller local organisations to access additional funding opportunities and increasing funding coming into the sector

✔ Work with our partners and supporters to develop local philanthropy including corporate and private support

✔ Provide specific fundraising support focused on strategy as well as skills, helping diversify the income streams of our members